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Finding a Rental

Finding a rental has some similarities to buying a home nowadays. However unlike buying a home, your rental competition can be a significantly larger group and any advantage you can get is well worth it. Your choice of agents will be significant in this process. You will want to work with someone who is experienced in the rental industry. You will want to have all your documentation together in a digital file so that you can send it all quickly and efficiently if you find something you like. Items like pay stubs, rental history, driver’s license and photos of your pets are usually required and can take significant time to accumulate if not handy.

You will still want to investigate all the things that are important to you and not necessarily rely on the information provided by others. You may want to check things like crime, schools, traffic, HOA Rules, and locations to places you feel are important. You will also want to consider the people who you will be renting from and how comfortable you are entrusting them to follow the rules and issues that normally arise in residential housing and home care.   

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